Pleat Seam Gluing Machine

The machine is applicable for bonding both ends of filter media with hot melt glue. Commonly used to seem pleats for dust collection and gas turbine cartridge filters.

  • Pleating height range of filter element paper: 14mm~60mm
  • Minimum height of filter element: 60mm
  • Maximum production speed: 6m/min, depending on product height
  • Tank volume of hot –melt applicator: 10L
  • Total power: 4KW
  • Working power supply: 220v 50Hz
  • Working air supply: 0.6MPa
  • Dimension: 1300mm x 650mm x 1770mm
  • Weight: 500kg
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Used Rabofsky Blade Pleater

  • Working Width: 2.2 meter
  • Pleat Height: 10mm to 50mm
  • Electrical: 240V/3P/50/60Hz
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Used Rabofsky Cross Cutter

  • Width: 1 meter
  • Electrical: 120V
  • Safety: Integrated Light Curtains
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